Pembroke Pines

Pembroke Pines is located in Broward County, Florida, United States. This city, in 2010, had a population of 154,750. It was the second most populous city in Broward County, which is the tenth most populous place in Florida and the 150th most populated in the US. "Join Us - Progress with Us" is the official motto of this city.


In 2010, there existed 61,703 households, of which 7.8% were vacant. In the year 2000, 36.2% were living with children below the age of 18, 56.4% were wedded couples residing together, 11.1% were female householders living without a husband, and 29.1% were the non-family category. 24.1% of all the households comprised of individuals and 12.5% of them had somebody residing alone and was of the age 65 or more. The average family size stood at 3.13 whereas the city had an average household size of 2.62.


The population of the city was widened with 25.6% of them being under the age of 18, 6.4% belonged to age group 18-24, 33.5% belonged to age group 25-44, 19.3% was from 45-64, and 15.2% were those aged 65 and more. The median age in the city was 36 years. For every 100 females there existed 87.3 makes and form every 100 women more than age 18 there were 81.8 males.

In the year 2000, the median household income in Pembroke Pines stood at $52,629 whereas the family median income was at $61,480. Males earned a median income of $45,129 against $32,531 for females. The per capita income of the city stood at $23,843. Nearly 3.9% of the families, 5.4% of the populace was lying under the poverty line. This included 5.2% of those below the age of 18 and 8.1% of those aged 65 and more.

In the year 2000, citizens speaking English as their first language comprised of 63.06% of the populace. Spanish speaking people were 27.91%. French, French Creole and Portuguese were spoken by 1.24%, 0.99% and 0.94% of the population respectively. The percentage for Italian speaking people was 0.92%, Yiddish was 0.74% and Tagalog was used as a mother tongue by 0.52% of the population


As of 2000, Pembroke Pines possessed 45th highest percentage of Colombian people in the US, which was 3% of the population of the city. It had 50th highest percentage of Cuban residents in US and this comprised of 8.66% of the populace. The 24th highest percentage of Jamaicans in the United States (tied with Wheatley Heights, New York,) was in Pembroke Pines. The percentage was 5.1% of all residents.



Broward County Public Schools serves Pembroke Pines. In addition, several charter schools are located in Pembroke Pines, and the City of Pembroke Pines operates its own charter school system.

Public high schools

  • Charles W. Flanagan High School

  • Pembroke Pines Charter High School

  • West Broward High School

  • McArthur High School (located in Hollywood, Florida)

  • Everglades High School (located in Miramar, Florida)

  • Somerset Academy Charter High School

Public middle schools

  • Franklin Academy Charter School [K-8]

  • Glades Middle School (located in Miramar, Florida)

  • Pembroke Pines Charter Middle School (Central and West)

  • Pines Middle School

  • Silver Trail Middle School

  • Somerset Academy Charter Middle School

  • Walter C. Young Middle School

Public elementary schools

  • Chapel Trail Elementary School

  • Franklin Academy Charter School [K-8]

  • Lakeside Elementary School

  • Palm Cove Elementary School

  • Panther Run Elementary School

  • Pasadena Lakes Elementary School

  • Pembroke Lakes Elementary School

  • Pembroke Pines Charter Elementary School (East, Central, West, and FSU campus)

  • Pembroke Pines Elementary School

  • Pines Lakes Elementary School

  • Silver Palms Elementary School

  • Silver Lakes Elementary School (located in Miramar, Florida)

  • Somerset Academy Charter Elementary School

  • Sunset Lakes Elementary School (located in Miramar, Florida)

Higher education

  • The Broward-Pines Center regional campus of Barry University.

  • The Broward-Pines Center regional campus of Broward College.

  • The Broward-Pines Center regional campus of Florida International University.

  • Keiser University P.Pines Campus Keiser University.

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