Miramar is a city based in Broward County, Florida, United States. Named after Miramar district in Havana, Cuba, Miramar had a population of 122,041 as per the 2010 census. This part of South Florida metropolitan area was housed by 5,564,635 people in 2010.

The official motto of Miramar was updated from "The Center of Everything" to "Beauty and Progress".


In 2010, out of 40,294 households 7.1% were lying unutilized. 48.2% had children below the age of 18 residing with them, 56% were wedded couples living together. 19.1% had a female householder living in absence of husband and 19.1% consisted of non-families. 14.3% of all households comprised of individuals wherein 3.3% had somebody living alone and of the age 65 or more. 3.15 was the average household size and average family size was 3.48.

In Miramar, the population was widened out with 31.0% below the age of 18, 8.6% were from 18-24, 35.4% belong to age group 25-44, 18.7% were from 45-64 and 6.3% belonged to age group 65 and more. The median age of the people was 32 years. Against every 100 females there existed 90.8 makes. For every 100 females whose age was 18 and above there were 85.0 males.

The household median income in Miramar stood at $50,289 whereas the median income for a family was $52,952. The figure for median income for makes was $34,145 and for females it was $28,283. The per capita income stood at $18,462. Around 7.0% of families and 8.2% of the population was lying below the poverty line. This included 9.8% of those below the age of 18 and 8.5% comprised of people of age 65 and above.

In 2000, the percentage of people speaking English as their first language was 60.09% of the population. Those speaking Spanish, French Creole, and French were 29.99%, 4.37% and 21.3% respectively. Tagalog was spoken as the mother tongue by 0.50% of the residents.

As of 2000, the city possessed the fifth highest percentage of Jamaican residents living in the US which comprised of 15.4% of the population. The city also had 58th highest percentage of Colombian residents in US, which was 2.51% of the populace. The 48th highest percentage of Cuban residents in US was in Miramar. This was 8.77% of the population of the city. The city has had seventy-eighth most Dominicans in the US which was 1.98%. The Haitians (tied with West Little River) living in the city were 6% which was 31st highest percentage. The Trinidad and Tobago community of Miramar was 1.2% and this was 12th highest percentage of residents (tying with Wheatley Heights, New York and Neptune City, New Jersey)


Miramar is served by Broward County Public Schools.

Elementary schools

  • Annabel C. Perry Elementary School

  • Coconut Palm Elementary School

  • Coral Cove Elementary School

  • Dolphin Bay Elementary School

  • Fairway Elementary School

  • Miramar Elementary School

  • Sea Castle Elementary School

  • Silver Lakes Elementary School

  • Silver Shores Elementary School

  • Sunset Lakes Elementary School

  • Sunshine Elementary School

  • St. Stephen Catholic School

Public middle schools

  • New Renaissance Middle School

  • Henry D. Perry Middle School

  • Glades Middle School

  • Somerset Academy Miramar

Public high schools

  • Everglades High School

  • Miramar High School

Private schools

  • Florida Bible Christian School

  • Stephen Catholic School

  • Saint Bartholomew Catholic School

Trade schools

  • DeVry University

  • University of Phoenix

  • Strayer University

  • Le Cordon Bleu

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