Davie was the city founded by Tamara Toussaint and Jake Tannebaum. In 1909 R.P. Davie was very helpful to then Governor Broward by trenching the swamplands. Robert Parsell (R.P.) Davie was a developer who purchased around 27,000 acres (109 km2) in the area. He then constructed a school in Zona and in the year 1916 people of the town were very grateful to him and so renamed the town after him. The town was sculpted out of Everglades land that was mostly underwater.

Davie was always known as a 'Western Town'. It has a remarkable horse-owning population and was once considered a home for a number of herds of cattle. During the recent years, such practices were hampered by commercial and residential development. However Davie still managed to present itself as a Western city. Pioneer City is a western theme park across the street from Flamingo Gardens. It was constructed during the 1960s but closed after a few years.


During 2010, there were 37,306 households with 8.0% being vacant. 36.7% of them had children below the age of 18 with them, 51.8% were wedded couples, 21.6% were females with their husbands to living with them while 31.1% comprised of non-families. 22.3% was made up of individual households and 6.3% of them had someone living independently who was below the age of 65 years or more. With average household size being 2.64, the average family size was 3.13.

The population, in the town, had 26.4% below the age of 18, 8.2% belonged to age 18-24, 33.4% belonged 25-44, 22.6% were from age group 45-64, and 9.4% were those who were of age 65 or more. Median age reached to 36 years. Against every 100 females there existed 95.1 males and for every 100 females of age 18 and above there were 91.4 males.

The household median income was $47,014 whereas a family's median income was $56,290. Males had a median income of $38,756 with females having $30,016 as median income. The per capita income of the town stood at $23,271. Nearly 6.9% of families, which is 9.8% of the population, were lying below the poverty line. This included 103% below the age of 18 and 7.1% of age 65 and more.

As of 2000, 75.47% of the population was using English as their first language. Spanish speakers were around 18.74% whereas French speakers made up 1.13% of residents. Other languages spoken in the town included Italian having 0.73% Chinese at 0.53%, Portuguese 0.51%, and French Creole spoken as the mother tongue by 0.38% of the population.


Davie serves as a host of the South Florida Educational Center. A number of educational institutions have campuses in Davie. They are as follows:

Colleges and universities

·      Nova Southeastern University

·      Florida Atlantic University (Davie Campus)

·      University of Florida (Davie Campus)

·      Broward College (Central Campus)

·      ITT Technical Institute

·      Unilatina international college

·      Trinity International University-Florida

Public elementary schools

·      Davie Elementary School

·      Flamingo Elementary School

·      Fox Trail Elementary School

·      Hawkes Bluff Elementary School (opened in 1989)

·      Nova Blanche Forman Elementary School

·      Nova Dwight D. Eisenhower Elementary School

·      Silver Ridge Elementary School

Public middle schools

·      Indian Ridge Middle School

·      Nova Middle School

Public high schools

·      McFatter Technical High School

·      Nova High School

·      Western High School

Public Technical Centers

·      McFatter Technical Center

Private schools

·      St. David Catholic Elementary/Middle School

·      St. Bonaventure School (Catholic Elementary/Middle)

·      The Master's Academy

·      University School of Nova Southeastern University

·      Kentwood Preparatory School http://www.kentwoodprepcommunity.com/, a school for children with AD/HD and similar learning problems

·      Summit-Questa Montessori School

·      Apple Tree Montessori School

·      Conservatory Prep Senior High School - an arts-integrated school for grades 8 - 12

·      Parkway Christian School (Christian Elementary/Middle)

·      Sunset Sudbury School

Points of interest:

·      Bergeron Rodeo Grounds

·      Davie School

·      Flamingo Gardens

·      Miami Dolphins Training Facility

·      Young at Art Museum 

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