Charles Bonfiglio Jr.


Charles Bonfiglio, Jr., e-PRO, SFR, is the 2013 president of the Greater Fort Lauderdale Realtors®.

A licensed real estate agent since 1993, Mr. Bonfiglio is the Broker/Owner of AAA Realty Group in Cooper City, FL.

Mr. Bonfiglio has served on the organization's board of directors since 2010, and was president elect in 2012. Representing the emerging generation of GFLR leadership, Mr. Bonfiglio, who is age 39, started GFLR's Young Professionals Network in 2010, and has been actively involved in the member-driven organization's management committees, chairing MLS, Investment Task Force, and Audit and Finance, as well as serving as GFLR treasurer.

He has served on the Florida Realtors® board of directors since 2009, as well as on the Virtual World subcommittee, the MLS Forum, the Business Trends and Technology Forum, the Technology Research Committee, Emerging Technologies Committee, and has chaired the Education Foundation. Mr. Bonfiglio currently serves on FR's Strategic Planning Committee, chairs the YPN Advisory Board (awarded network of the year 2013 from National Association of Realtors), Key Contacts Subcommittee, Legislative and Regulatory Business Subcommittee and the Realtors Political Involvement Committee. Mr. Bonfiglio is a graduate of FR's Leadership Academy.

On a national level, Mr. Bonfiglio is a member of the National Association of Realtors® board of directors and the Research Committee, Data Startegy, Federal Technology Committee. He previously served on the MLS Policy Committee.

Mr. Bonfiglio believes that the continual evolution of technology has benefited the real estate industry. His goals during the next year include ensuring that GFLR members have the most advanced Internet-based and wireless MLS services and marketing technologies available that will enable them to more efficiently and effectively serve their clients; and to help younger real estate agents to become more involved in GFLR. Mr. Bonfiglio joined his family in the real estate business upon graduation from Cooper City High School. He made his first real estate investment with $500 while still a teenager. Starting as an accounts manager with the family-owned former Century 21 AAA Realty, Mr. Bonfiglio learned how to operate and manage the business from his father, the late Charles Bonfiglio Sr, and his mother, Roberta Bonfiglio. At the height of the real estate boom, Mr. Bonfiglio was AAA Realty's general manager, supervising eight offices and more than 300 agents.

Mr. Bonfiglio started AAA Realty Group, an independent real estate firm, in 2009. It currently has two offices and about 50 agents in Cooper City. Mr. Bonfiglio is involved in his community, helping Easter Seals, the Boys and Girls Club and the GFLR Charitable Foundation.

When he is not working and traveling, Mr. Bonfiglio enjoys spending time with his wife, Tiffany, and twin five year olds, Charles III and Antonia.

Charles Bonfiglio Jr Resume

Local Information:

1993- Licensed Real Estate salesman

1998- General Manager for Century 21 AAA Realty (8 Offices with over 300 agents)

2007-2008- RAGFL MLS Committee

2008- RAGFL Professional Development Committee

2009-RAGFL MLS Chairman

2009- RAGFL Awards Task Force

2009-2010 RAGFL MLS P.A.G.

2009- Broker License and started AAA Realty Group

2010- Present started YPN chapter for RAGFL

2010- 2011 RAGFL Board of Directors

2011- RAGFL Investment Task Force Chair

2011- RAGFL Audit and Finance Chair

2011- RAGFL Treasurer

2012- RAGFL President-Elect

2013- President

State Information:

2009-2013 Board of Directors

2009- Virtual World Subcommittee

2009- MLS Forum

2009- Business Trends and Technology Forum

2010- Technology Research Committee

2010- MLS Forum

2010-Business Trends and Technology Forum

2011-2013 YPN Advisory Board (2013 Chair)

2011- Emerging Technologies

2010-2012- Education Foundation (2012 Chairman)

2011- Communications Committee

2011-2013 Key Contacts Subcommittee

2012-2013 Legislative and Regulatory Business Issues Subcommittee

2013-2015 Strategic Planning Committee

2013- Realtors Political Involvement Committee

National Information:

2009- NAR e-PRO Designation

2010- MLS Policy Committee

2012-2013 Board of Directors

2012-2013 Research Committee

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