Realtor vs Realtor


So I decided to write about our experiences as Realtors to have fun and show some of the things we deal with on a daily basis. Yes, these Realtors exist and some of them you are using so be aware. Let me preface this by saying that this is for entertainment uses only and by no means meant to disparage anyone but these are TRUE stories. 


I will try and update as much as I can with some funny stories we encounter throughout our day and I am in no way a grammar pro so please excuse any errors.

Today I received two funny emails and calls. The first was from an agent that had submitted two offers on two different properties of mine that was not an investor. I wrote the agent asking them to pick one property and make your best offer for obvious reasons. We are not in the business of wasting time by allowing your buyer to write several offers and let them cherry pick the one they want whenever they like to choose. Keep in mind you could be one of the buyers bidding against this buyer and Realtor. Sounds fun, right? 

I finally get the Realtor to agree on one property but here is the best of all. The buyer is going for an FHA loan and neither property will qualify for that loan due to condition and violations that will need to be assumed by buyer, and yes,  it was disclosed prior. After I make her aware of this again,  the Realtor emails me asking if it will qualify for a renovation loan and due to me trying to respond quickly, and not being in front of computer, I do not want to give wrong info so I tell the Realtor to check the website and I get the response back, "really?". Yes really, you have already wasted enough of mine, other buyers and your own buyers time so do your job and gather all info before submitting offer and know what the FHA loan is.



I get a call from an agent that is "perplexed" because she does not know what is going on with a property and if an offer will be accepted or not based on her own assumptions. Property is in a highly desirable neighborhood and listed for $189,900. The property is bank owned and there are no issues affecting the property other than liens for water which bank will cure before closing for about $40,000. The agent would like to know if the bank would entertain an offer of $100,000? Our standard, politically correct answer to be nice is always "price is negotiable". We have no secret number but I think common sense would tell you that NO! the bank would not accept it even though I cannot say that. Keep in mind the offer was not even submitted but rather just called on. 

Come on people lets understand what is going on in the world around us. Pick up a paper or at least listen to your peers so you know where inventory is and where prices are going. Really simple process I think. All  this before am.


This came the other day when a buyer secured a contract on the same property described in #2. Appraisal came back lower than Seller was willing to accept and Buyer would not contribute so deal died. Not the first time this has happened in Real Estate. We cannot make a Seller sell for any price and we cannot make a Buyer buy for any price either. Buyer got the deposit money back and we moved on until the Buyer starting emailing me directly which I do not respond to because of ethics. I politely asked them to go through their Realtor and they respond back that they will but if they do not receive a timely and favorable response that they will report me to DBPR and BBB.

Their issue was, they incurred the normal expense of appraisal and inspection which needed to be done on time per contract they signed and a lien was not disclosed. They wanted my company or someone to reimburse the money back. I have to admit they get an A for effort, but the fact is, the deal died because of appraisal and not anything else. The fact of the lien was not asked for the Buyer to assume because Seller was going to cure it. Keep in mind, most of these properties that banks own are taken over with these issues in place and we work diligently to cure them to convey clear title.

There are occasions where Buyer may AGREE to assume them if they can, and if not, Seller will or deal may die, but this was not the case. I basically am trying to be extorted into giving money from my pocket to what? Not be falsely accused? No thanks!

C'mon man!!!!


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